For results that last a lifetime,  start with...
Just Concrete
Ready to get started on your project?  Listed below is our normal sequence of events that will give you a finished product that is second to none.

On-Site Consultation
We will meet you at your site, take pictures of the jobsite, and upload them into our computer.  Once they are loaded, we can use our state of the art software to digitally transform your concrete into your own one of a kind work of art.  We play with designs and colors until you have found the look that's right for you.  

Cleaning and Degreasing
As with most projects,   the key to a sucessful job is the preparation.  We will clean, degrease, pressure wash and/or scarify your concrete as necessary to insure good adhesion of the coatings we will be using.  

Once the concrete is clean, we will begin measuring and marking.  We will go ahead and do all of the layout work possible.  We will then double check and triple check our layout to ensure accuracy on our part.

Engraving and Coating Application
Now that the concrete is maked and ready to go, we can finally get started.  During this step, we will begin engraving, applying stains and/or epoxies in varying order, depending on the desired final appearance.  

Our final step is the sealing process.  This is a wear layer that we apply that will take the abuse instead of the stain or epoxy below.  This sealer may be reapplied when necessary to protect your investment.