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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this process designed for indoor or outdoor concrete?
Both.  This process is for any concrete whether indoors or outdoors.  It may be applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces.  Anywhere there is concete,  we have a solution to add color and beauty.

Will the color fade?
As with all finishes,  there may be a little fading.  Applying a good sealer is the best way to maintain your original color.  The sealer is your wear layer.  It is designed to take the abuse and leave the stain or epoxy in original condition.  Depending on traffic and environmental conditions,  we recommend resealing your concrete every 3 - 5 years.

Will temperature affect the finish on my concrete?
The clear sealers we use to prtects you concrete will actually add life to your concete.  The sealer acts as a moisture barrier to keep water and other elements from penetrating your concrete while allowing any vapors pass through.  When the concrete is sealed, it is less likely to delaminate.

How long will the design last?
The designs are cut into the concrete.  Stains are absorbed into the concrete.  Both will be part of the concrete, meaning that the design will last as long as the concrete.

What designs are available?
There is an unlimited number of designs.  Every job is completely custom.  We can do anything from a stained slab, to custom artwork.  The only limitation is your imagination.

Will this work on new and old concrete alike?
Yes,  as long as the concrete has had time to cure.  Normally new concrete needs 30 - 45 days to cure before we can apply any type of coating. 

Will this change the thickness of my concrete?
No,  the designs are cut into the concrete so there is no measureable change in the concrete.